3D Puzzle Race Cube Board Game
3D Puzzle Race Cube Board Game
3D Puzzle Race Cube Board Game
3D Puzzle Race Cube Board Game

3D Puzzle Race Cube Board Game

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Bring your family and friends closer together this holiday season! Be prepared and get this perfect gift for your family and friends! Guaranteed to be one of the best gifts anyone gets this year! Fun and exciting for ages 5 to 105!

Get your brain and fingers racing with our 3D Puzzle Race Cube Board Game. Enhance your thinking skills and develop good sportsmanship. Challenge your family and friends with this ultimate block game. They're back in stock, but not for long!


  • BRAIN ENHANCER – This Blocks Game aims to develop kids and adults' intelligence and practical manual ability.
  • FUN – It is a great puzzle toy that prevents your child from being addicted to mobile phones and other gadgets. 
  • COMPETITIVE – As a head-to-head challenge, this game lets children, even adults, to develop their intellectual competence. 
  • EDUCATIONAL – It encourages visual-spatial skills and critical and logical thinking. 
  • CHALLENGING – It is a fantastic game for all the brilliant thinkers in the family. 


  • INNOVATIVE – The colored dice has created a new version of the color Rubik. It is the fusion of the classic Rubik’s cube and dice game. 
  • SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS – Shake it – Slide it – Solve it! Easy as 1-2-3!
  • MULTI-FUNCTION – It is not just a toy that keeps your kids entertained, but it is also a great way to develop social skills – away from gadgets. 
  • EXERCISE HANDS AND BRAIN – It is a fast-paced game. Players are in a race to solve the puzzle. Exciting! 
  • SAFE – This cool toy is made from 100% environmentally-friendly materials.


    • 2x Game plates
    • 1x Connect framework
    • 1x Colorful sieve machine
    • 24x Magic cubes
    • 1x Manual